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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.      Are you an LGBTQIA theatre company?


           Not exclusively. We produce all types of plays. depending on the

         themes we want to explore each season. However, we are always

         keeping an eye out for the next great LGBTQIA play to produce!

Q.      Are you a Latinx theatre company?


         Not exclusively. As with the LGBTQIA plays, we are always looking

         out for a compelling play that reflects our Latinx heritage. Because

         we, as founders, are Latino and Queer, any production we present

         will always reflect the intersectionality of our multiple cultures.

Q.      Do you only work with LGBTQIA and/or Latinx artists?

           No. We love to work with anyone who brings the same passion and

         creative energy to the projects that we bring to the stage.

Q.      Where are you located?


         Currently, we are in the planning stages of our 2022 Inaugural

         season. We hope to choose the right venue for

         us by early 2022. 

Q.      Are you a non-profit theatre company?


         Askew Theatre Company is not a non-profit theatre company, but

         we operate under the same model of a non-profit organization.

         However, we are fiscally sponsored by Fractured Atlas, a non-profit

         organization that helps arts organizations. We, therefore,

         are able to benefit from the perks of a non-profit when it comes to

         fundraising for our productions. For more information about

         Fractured atlas, please click here.


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